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I think I’m turning japanese fucking insane

Two nights ago I boldly proclaimed to Garth “I’m going to bed early! goodnight!” That was about 12:30am. Unfortunately, sleep didn’t come for me until 4:30am. Last night, after a couple of beers, I felt a little tired (read: woozy) and thought that hitting the sack would be a fine idea. That was 11.30pm. I slept until 2.30am, at which time I awoke and have been (as yet) unable to get back to sleep. As it is now 7:00am and I’ve been tossing and turning for a good four hours or more, I think it’s about time to get up and face the day.

One day I’ll pick a sleeping habit and stick with it. Maybe when I’m living in a city that doesn’t regulate store hours (note: in Perth, we have no 24–hour supermarkets… nor anything, really) I’ll be able to live a perfectly functional nocturnal life. Until then, it’s good ol’ tired–eyes for me.