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Intriguing icons in the hizzouse

No sooner does ChickenByte announce IconBox than the Iconfactory announces Pixadex, their second Panic–partnership application. Both are “iPhoto–like” icon managers (check out the Pixadex screenshot and the IconBox screenshot, respectively), both seem largely superfluous in function (except for die–hard icon enthusiasts, of which I’m sure there are many), but IconBox is available right now for $12.95.

There’s no doubt that the Iconfactory made their announcement a good month–or–so ahead of schedule (Pixadex isn’t ready for release, yet) just to spite ChickenByte, who would otherwise be reaping the rewards of their work; but hey, competition is competition. It would seem that even the guys at Panic (well, Steven Frank at least) were unaware of this rush bulletin.

Unfortunately for ChickenByte, Iconfactory/Panic’s reputation precedes them with CandyBar; meaning Pixadex will whoop the pants off IconBox. Hell, I’d be more inclined to wait for Pixadex too: as a Panic “Li’l App”, it’ll likely cost the same as IconBox ($12.95) and you can guarantee Pixadex will be as fantastic, as stable, and as beautiful an application as any in Panic’s lineup. ChickenByte, on the other hand, has yet to prove itself as a quality software company… something that won’t be easy going head–to–head with Panic.