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The primary gauge of a species’ achievment and evolution must surely be in its values and principles. Our mighty democracies are corrupt and manipulative. Our purest religions are bigoted and repressive. Our supposed freedom is bought with guns and intrusive laws. Our societies continue to play host to the death penalty, sectarianism and exploitation. We purposely keep the vast chunk of our own species in abject poverty, offering them only debt and hardship in exchange for the natural resources of their lands. Those who don’t comply are punished and bullied into line through acts of government-sanctioned terrorism.

I don’t remember how or why I started reading the Irate Scotsman, but I’m glad I did (and gladder still he has an RSS feed, since I’ve largely stopped frequenting sites without). While his frequency of posting may not be as ridiculous as… say… Erik J. Barzeski, Matt Gemmell is an incredibly entertaining writer. Well, you know what they say… people are only right if you agree with them. Check him out.