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I’d like to say that my recent lack of posts has been because of some crazy kind of three day blackout in my suburb… but it’d take way too much effort to fabricate the evidence for that kind of lie. I’d likely have to falsify news reports on the problem, spoil all the food in my refrigerator, stay away from electrical appliances… it’s really not worth it. The truth of the matter is that this Foundation Day weekend has stirred up a proverbial shitstorm of activity in the hizzouse.

Dave, our brand new roommate, moved in with his massive collection of crap on Saturday, Sunday morning was spent bathtub shopping (motives to be revealed later), and today we painted said tub with speed stripes. Despite this apparent influx of fun, the nights have been a little disappointing: a so–so Friday night at Club Red Sea, a losing trip to the Casino on Saturday, and a drunken, debaucherous afternoon down at the Cottesloe Hotel just yesterday. Wait, that last one was OK as I recall. Never mind.