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Speed Download 2

YazSoft today announced Speed Download 2… a total reworking of their original Speed Download download manager. It’s sporting a redesigned interface (ditching the very–OS9 look of the SD1.x releases) and a host of improvements under the hood. As usual though, I have a few gripes. Also as usual, they are purely aesthetic and have little impact on the quality of the application — I’ve always liked Speed Download, I like Speed Download 2, and I know I’ll be upgrading pronto. Bitchiness just seems to be my default setting today.

  1. The new logo isn’t as balanced as the old one, and looks a little odd on my dock (nice to start off my list of complaints with something as trivial as that, right?)
  2. The dock badging (why am I so caught up over badging these days?) is, strangely, in the bottom–right–hand corner of the icon. Once again, my experience with badging is limited to Apple Mail, Proteus, and NetNewsWire… but I thought top–right was the accepted standard.
  3. Why, oh why, oh why must the ‘Close Window’ behavior be so strange? Generally when I hit the close button, I expect to be able to re–open the window by clicking the dock icon. Try it in iTunes, Mail, Proteus, NetNewsWire, anything really… it seems pretty standard. Clicking the dock icon in Speed Download 2 (and in the original Speed Download) does nothing at all… you have to hit Command–1 or go to Window > Toggle Queue Window. It’s bizarre.
  4. What in the hell does the Floater do? Let me rephrase that, since I do in fact know what it does: What practical use does the Floater have? Wouldn’t a better implementation of its basic functionality would be to allow you to drag–n–drop downloads to the dock icon? Yes, that’ll do.
  5. Why is the application actually named Speed Download 2? If version numbers were part of the standard nomenclature for Mac OS X applications, I’d die of… uh… disappointment.