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I hold it dearly, now

My parents aren’t exactly what you’d call “tech savvy” — little can illustrate that more accurately than their continued (and begrudged) use of a 333Mhz Celeron PC — but occasionally they surprise me. Their fax machine had gone on the fritz and I’d commandeered their printer and scanner, so Mum decided it was high time for something new: some kind of nifty all–in–one printer/scanner/fax/memory card drive thingy.

At the time, it was a purchase that could hardly be justified, given that they had no use for a scanner, barely ever printed anything, and didn’t have any devices that would necessitate a memory card reader… but it was as funky a fax machine as they could want. Looking at it now, I want one. Lately I’ve been popping around to their place, sticking the Memory Stick from my camera into the slot, and printing off proof sheets; a process so simple you’d wonder why you needed a computer in the first place. This is obviously a thought that has the manufacturers salivating, but today I found my very first insanely great use for it.

Keeping in mind that my parents’ computer is a 333Mhz PC, has no CD–R, and isn’t even connected to the internet (don’t get me started), the only possible way to get media off of it is a conventional 1.4Mb floppy disk. My Mac has no disk drive, and the average computer file nowadays far exceeds 1.4Mb, so I’d ordinarily be mighty screwed if I wanted to, say… get some of my old shit off their computer. Memory Stick to the rescue. It’s not just a nifty storage media for a digital camera, it’s a nifty storage media… period. Drag my files aboard, grab the stick, bring it home, plug my camera in, the volume mounts, and there I have my files; home at last. Maybe Stevey–boy was right all those years ago — the floppy disk really is dead.

Now if only I could find a way to rename the Memory Stick volume… “Unlabeled” isn’t quite as descriptive as I might like it to be.