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iPhoto dreams

During my time with iPhoto (ie– since I bought my camera), I’ve come to wish for a lot of features that just aren’t there. When something boasts an “iTunes–like” interface featuring Albums (something functionally identical to iTunes playlists) I’d like it to also feature iTunes–like Smart Playlists… or Smart Albums, or whatever. It’d be nice to be able to define dynamically–updating albums that contain all my photos of Scotty, or Fiona, or Birthdays, or Birthdays that also feature Fiona in 2003; the data obviously being mined from photo titles, keywords, comments and metadata.

A search bar similar to iTunes’ is obviously needed, since the “Keyword/Search” dialog is a fucking joke, and while I’m at it some quality control in the exporting would be nice, along with customizable HTML generation. Oh yeah, and XML–RPC support so I can post Movable Type photolog entries (customizable) from within iPhoto. Yeah, I know that last bit is asking too much… but a man can dream, can’t he?