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I lied

Read Marshall Brain’s intriguing Robotic Nation article. Think about it; it’s not outside the realms of possibility.

Brain’s article isn’t all that original, mind you; robot–populated dystopic futures have been a part of Science Fiction for as long as there’s been a Science Fiction. The thing that does make his piece unique is the timeline: it’s our world, very, very soon. Most of us never consider how close we really are.

With that in mind, here’s a beauty from the archives. The Parking Lot is Full writer Pat Spacek used to pad their mailing list’s announcements with his own fiction; largely pornographic, ultraviolent, extremely funny tales from the depths of his twisted mind… great stuff. His last story before PLIF imploded was one of the aforementioned robot–future stories. Personally, I see myself as the guy bombing the school. Shit, aside from writing this very weblog, there’s nothing I do in my everyday life that couldn’t easily be overtaken by a robot… probably not even a very good robot.

If there’s anything that Terminator 3 and the Matrix have taught us, it’s stay the fuck away from artificial intelligence.