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Mess Redux

While I was shooting my mouth off about how tidy my room/filesystem/sock drawer is (with obvious exception to my desk, which was the point of the post) it occurred to me that I was lying… lying through my teeth as though the lies themselves were clamping my jaw shut.

That’s not to say that my life isn’t ordinarily tidy and organized, ordinarily my story would be quite true… let’s just say I’m not properly moved in yet. Moving boxes cover the floor of my room, making it difficult and unreasonable to get out of bed in the morning. Crap adorns every surface, and CD racks teeter precariously on the shelf above my bed as though waiting to crush me in my sleep. Whenever I consider sorting things out I suddenly realize the magnitude of the task, weigh the time available against the time required, and end up sitting at my computer… procrastinating.

I think it boils down to the Incrementalists vs. Completionists argument Rands brought up a few days ago; I’m looking at the job as if it needs to be done all at once, when realistically it could be tackled one box at a time (or half a box at a time, or one item at a time). Having realized this just now, I think I might make a start; I’ll consider myself a success if any one item makes its way from a box to its new home. Wish me luck.