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Do it yourself

Thirty–something days ago, when I moved house, my roommates and I left the old place in pretty damned good condition. The real estate agent’s property condition report confirmed this, and we were slated to receive our bond back in its entirety. $880 can’t go astray for anyone, let alone a couple of poor–ass jerks such as ourselves. Receiving our bond notice in the mail, however, proved otherwise.

  1. Thirty dollars for extra rent. We figured that since rent day was a Friday we could move out on a Friday without any trouble… it turns out we were wrong and must pay for that one lousy extra day.
  2. Twenty dollars in excess water. This one is understandable, bills can’t be expected to match up to our ins and outs, can they?
  3. Sixty–five dollars for the replacement of tap washers.

What. The. Fuck.

Tap washers? Those eight–cent pieces of tin that prevent taps from dripping? Those things we could’ve replaced ourselves at a total cost of zero had we been warned ahead of schedule? Those things that we could’ve asked them to replace for us while we were living there, and they would’ve had to shoulder the cost? Awesome. God damned awesome.

A phone call to the fair trading commission has proved that Davey is indeed entitled to charge us for that maintenance, as weird as that may sound, so we’re stuck with it. Even though it’s only $65, a cost to be shared between us, it still seems like a jip. So much for ‘general wear and tear’.