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A simile, or metaphor; whichever you prefer

Jeffrey Zeldman has cracked the case wide open at last: spelling is to validation as grammar is to semantics. As a sentence is not complete without the two, neither is a “modern” design in today’s world wide web.

Finally, a simile we can all bandy about like it’s our own; delirious in our fight for a brave new world of accessibility and style. Now only if we could find this kind of groundbreaking linguistic iconoclast in other arenas; particularly the subject of Apple’s market share. Frankly, I’m sick of hearing Apple’s tiny piece of the pie justified because Apple is ‘the BMW of personal computers’. The car metaphors are a little overdone.

Truthfully, you could exchange BMW’s name for any high–margin brand–name item: try comparing a royal blue tie by Giorgio Armani (in Italian silk, no less) to that cornflower blue polyester job you picked up at K–Mart last week. Now compare the price. Now compare the market share of Giorgio Armani and K–Mart, respectively. Fight the power! New metaphors for the people!