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Interesting to note

After that lengthy rant on Cynthia, WaiZilla, and just a couple of the subtleties of WAI Triple–A ratings (there are plenty more), I found it interesting to note that WaiZilla’s gracious hosts (otherwise known as Designory) claim Triple–A compliance on every page of their site… despite a complete and utter lack of tabindex and accesskey attributes.

Intriguing. I suppose the best part about claiming a certain level of accessibility is that there’s no hard–and–fast way of evaluating that claim. Right now, the human eye is the only half–decent tool for the job… and it’s not like the average end–user could be bothered combing through Designory’s code and running through the WAI checklist, could they?

Another no–no from these self–proclaimed accessible–design–whiz–kids is right there on their accessibility page; see that list of “disabilities that affect internet usage”? It turns out that it’s not a list at all, but a humdrum string of words separated by <br /> tags… a deplorable practice that has already been discussed to death over on the SimpleQuiz.

Aside from that, though, they’ve done a bang–up job with valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and valid CSS. More power to ‘em if they address that little boo–boo in regards to their accessibility rating.