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As reported by the Pinko, bookmark management has been completely rewritten for Camino’s latest night builds… it’s good stuff. New features like a Top 10 bookmark list, Address Book bookmarks, Rendezvous bookmarks, broken bookmark checking (brilliant idea), and (finally) bookmark searching… it’s damnably impressive.

My complaint (there’s always a complaint) is that it’s killed my favorite part of Camino… one of the few things that was keeping me attached to Camino (instead of switching to Safari)… the dock menu. As I’ve said before, I love dock menus —I can’t live without them— and while this update doesn’t really break the dock menu functionality, it changes it… dramatically. Now instead of having one–click access to my favorite bookmarks and tab groups, I have access to the Top 10 list. Top 10? The only reason those bookmarks are even in the Top 10 is because they’re part of my Comics et al tab group… which I used to be able to access from the dock menu!

On the upside, it’s good to see active development happening on Camino again. It’s been stagnating for far too long… let’s get some shit rolling.


I almost wet myself when Dave Haas emailed me, letting me know that my beloved dock menu certainly wasn’t dead, it’s more customizable than ever!


The dock menu is not dead!

  1. Open up the bookmark manager (open apple–B)
  2. Right–button click (Ctrl–click if you prefer) on “Bookmark Menu”
  3. Notice the context menu has an option “Use for Dock Menu”. Select it.
  4. Go check you dock menu. Express amazement and delight.
  5. Eagerly start right–button clicking on other bookmark collections/bookmark folders/tab groups. Notice presence of “Use for Dock Menu” on all of them.


I’ll tell you now, amazement and delight aren’t the only things I’m expressing. This is great.