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DeskShade Plus

One of my favorite OS X apps was finally updated for 10.3 today… DeskShade Plus. The fact that it’s only a very simple app has nothing to do with its value, and the fact that I use only a fraction of its actual functionality has even less to do with my liking it; for me, it’s a rug for things to be swept under.

Generally speaking, I’m a tidy guy. You wouldn’t guess it if you were to look at my bedroom floor right now, but I like to be organized. Of course, there are times where I just need a temporary dumping ground, somewhere to throw a pile of crap before it’s sorted into something/somewhere more appropriate… on my computer that place is the desktop. DeskShade Plus is the rug that covers the crap until the crap finds a new home, and it does it admirably. The update for Panther (that is, version 1.2) isn’t so different from its predecessor, but it plays nicely with Exposé… and that’s important.