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Preview with WebKit

Jonathan Rentzsch hits on an annoying characteristic of BBEdit’s web preview feature: updating the preview resets the scroll position. While I personally don’t use BBEdit (I do find it quite wondrous, but find it hard to justify the expense since I use only a limited part of its feature set), I must say that I strike upon the same problem with Kung–Log’s preview almost every day.

Well, not every day, since my web–logging has been a little lean these last few weeks, but whenever I write something.

With that in mind, it would appear that the scroll–reset is not indicative of the Carbon WebKit API, but of the WebKit API in general. It’s hard to tell on this one whether it’s a bug or a feature, and whether a developer can easily override it, but it looks as though creating useful tools with WebKit isn’t as cut and dry as indicated. Let’s hope developers everywhere take note and make sure their software plays nicely with the user’s expectations.