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Nobody never doesn’t not like accessibility

For reasons that currently escape me (though ignorance surely springs to mind), I’d never read Dive into Accessibility until today. I haven’t quite finished reading it, given that I started only twenty minutes ago, but the ride so far has been enjoyable. In terms of being informative it’s fantastic, and it’s a pleasure to read t’boot, but you already knew that. You’ve been reading Señor Pilgrim’s work for years, right?

For the most part I consider decaffeinated dot org to be fairly accessible (WAI double–A and all that jazz), but one of the simplest things, right there on day eight, I’d never bothered to implement. Meaningful page titles. Eight seconds later (OK… rebuilding in MT takes a little longer than eight seconds, so I exaggerate) I’ve jiggered the appropriate templates and PHP and I’m one step closer to the ultimate in accessibility. Monthly archives now tell you what month you’re looking at right there in the title, daily archives tell you the date right there in the title, and individual archives tell you the title of that individual post (you’ll never guess…) right there in the title!

Don’t mind me, I’m havin’ a blast.