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The sanctity of the brand

Guinness, poured from an aluminum can into a glass, is an abomination. I have never drunk anything so horrible.

OK– I exaggerate; I’ve actually drunk a few things that I consider far more vile than this (Chartreuse, for instance), but this just doesn’t compare to genuine Guinness poured from a keg to a pint. I love Guinness; I drink it practically every day after work (my employer offers a free drink to its staff after each shift, one of the many perks of being a bartender) and consider it to be part of a complete breakfast… but this canned abomination makes me want to wretch.

I guess Guinness from a can is just one of those things, like marijuana or Ricki Lake, that I try from time to time and dislike immensely. After a year or two the sense of revulsion has dimmed a little and I think “hey, I should give that another try” only to be terribly disappointed. I just don’t learn.