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Ticks and Leeches… and a photolog

Four months ago I read Mark Pilgrim’s Cruft–Free URLs in Movable Type and thought “yeah, that’s a lot more effective than my trim_to="8" dirify="1" entry title URLs… I should really adopt that”. Then, of course, I didn’t.

You see, laziness is a parasite… it sucks and sucks at your productivity without giving you anything in return. It’s like a leech, or a mosquito, or crabs. It’s a parasite that is really difficult to combat… again, like crabs. But sooner or later something will pop up that just can’t be ignored, forcing you to deal with your crabs; uh, laziness. For me, that thing was the long–deferred construction of a photolog, a desire that I finally succumbed to earlier this week. Long story short? URL–related dilemma was solved by adopting Mark’s methodology. Huzzah.

Without further ado, I present to you a heavily–beta–version photolog. There are, at present, only twelve photos present; photos from ten months ago. So sue me, a backlog of 500 photos isn’t going to process itself. At the same time, I don’t expect many of you to be greatly excited by my photolog; after all, these aren’t your memories captured and displayed for all the world to see. But, like most weblog–related endeavors, it’s a vanity thing. Enjoy.