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Plus plus

Though these aren’t exactly what you’d call resolutions, here are a couple of aims I have for 2004; most of which will be achieved during the first three months:

  1. Finally buy Vanilla Sky, Donnie Darko, Amelie and American Beauty on DVD, as they are but a handful of some of my favorite films of all time… and renting them is becoming tiresome. Plus, the video store clerk keeps looking at my rental history and saying “y’know, you’ve rented this before.”
  2. Buy a 12" PowerBook to take to university, since I’ll be studying computer science at UWA this year. Plus, even if I weren’t studying, I’d still want one.
  3. Stick with the whole “university thang” for more than three months, since past attempts at studying a variety of subjects that weren’t computer science didn’t turn out so well. Plus, I need justification for the PowerBook, amongst other things.