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Kill me now

When you’ve received a $50 gift voucher to JB Hi–Fi for Christmas you really don’t have an option: you have to visit their store. When your Mother (foolishly) informs you that they’re having a sale, you might as well just burn your wallet right then and there. We’ve discussed this ‘JB Madness’ before, but I’ll paint you a picture anyway:

  1. Chris visits his Mother on his day off.
  2. Chris tells his Mother his plans for the day; mostly running errands, but maybe dropping by JB to blow his Christmas gift voucher on some DVDs he wants.
  3. Chris’ Mother tells him they’re having a sale.
  4. Chris’ eyes light up.
  5. Chris flies to the nearest JB Hi–Fi store.
  6. Chris sees wall after wall of DVDs on sale.
  7. Chris is disappointed to find Donnie Darko absent from their collection, but decides to make up for its absence with further purchases. Namely:
    • Vanilla Sky
    • Amelie
    • American Beauty
    • Pay it Forward
    • Minority Report
    • Devil’s Advocate
    • Romeo + Juliet (the Baz Luhrmann version, yes)
    • 54
    • Requiem for a Dream
    • Memento
  8. Chris later feels pangs of regret for waltzing into JB Hi–Fi with a $50 gift voucher and leaving with $200 worth of DVDs.

Thankfully I made myself a little rule forbidding the purchase DVDs that weren’t on sale, else I would’ve left with a few Futurama season box sets and a bunch of other overpriced DVDs. Still need to find Donnie Darko though…