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With the arrival of my 12" PowerBook now officially looming (ETA 14 days), I’ve been weighing up my options to accessorize with the help of the guy Mac Geek down at the university computer store. While the specifics of my 12" haven’t changed, I’ve decided to forget about the Airport Extreme Base Station.

That’s not to say I’m forgetting about wireless networking altogether; heavens no. I’m just forgetting about the base station. Why? Well, with my deskbound eMac wired firmly to the internet, and with Internet Sharing turned on, and with an AirPort card stuck firmly in the slot; I can have all the wireless internet I demand… without the base station. In fact, you might just call it a software base station. This makes me happy. This causes dollar signs to light up my eyes and strange ‘ka–ching!’ sounds to reverberate in my ears… this makes me think “what in the world could I spend that money on; that money I’d planned to spend already, so it wouldn’t hurt to spend on something else?”

An iPod. A 20Gb iPod, if you want to be specific. I’m finally joining the faithful, and I couldn’t be more excited.

God damn me.