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Waiting for OmniWeb

Well, it’s February 2nd, it’s 3AM, and I’m sitting around waiting for the new OmniWeb beta to be posted. It’s still the 1st in the US, of course, so my waiting is pointless and utterly ridiculous, but I’m waiting nonetheless. Having spent the last few weeks jumping between Safari and Camino, I’m hoping to find OmniWeb fünf a pleasant in–between zone… a happyland free of the various gripes I have elsewhere.

On the one hand, we have Safari. Great rendering engine, lousy interface. I’m not even going to start discussing it. On the other hand, Camino. Development has picked up a lot lately on ‘the little Cocoa–interface Gecko browser that could’ and it looks to have a promising future… but if there’s a browser out there that satisfies all my urges now, I’ll jump ship in a second. This is me hoping that OmniWeb 5 is that brower; an all–killer, no–filler browsing experience. Plus, I’m really digging where WebCore is going with its CSS support.