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Browser fun

The browser scene has really started hotting up lately, what with Safari 1.2, the OmniWeb 5 beta, stepped–up Camino development, and now Firefox 0.8. I’m not going to lie to you, I haven’t been able to download Firefox because Mozilla’s servers have been jam–packed, but it is my intent to do so, pronto.

Safari 1.2 recently shuffled Camino out of the position of “Chris’ full–time browser” for reasons I can’t quite discern, but after a few weeks’ full–time use I’ve grown quite accustomed to smooth scrolling and shift–spacing to scroll up the page. Hitting the function key and the up–arrow to “page up” on a reduced keyboard is kinda shitty, so shift–space has quickly endeared me; making any application that doesn’t support it quite frustrating. And I’m not just talking about web browsers.

Add to this the fact that Vinay has informed me spellchecking can be enabled in Safari quite easily (though it isn’t enabled by default… why?), and you can see I’m being given fewer and fewer reasons to migrate back. I tweaked Safari’s brower–window nib to turn off texturing, and have decided to just shut the fuck up with regards to my recurring input complaints, so until OW5 ships solid I’m sittin’ pretty with Safari.