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Laptop accessories

You know I love gadgets, you know I love spending money, and you know that I blame this disease on my mother; so to save a little time and breath I’ll just say “it’s my Mother’s fault I drove out to DigiLife yesterday and bought a wireless keyboard and a Griffin iCurve”. See? Much easier.

In all seriousness though, my trip out to DL (my nearest Apple reseller… and quite possibly the best one in Perth) was spurred by my recently–reported stiff neck; it was time to sort out my desktop–laptop ergonomics. In that previous post I mentioned the Lapvantage Dome as a frontrunner in my laptop elevation game, but there were a few factors weighing in on my final decision to get an iCurve instead:

  1. I received an email from one Ben Drago reminding me that the iCurve existed, as I had forgotten it completely until then.
  2. It’s half the price of the Dome, and only a ½–inch shorter.
  3. They had the iCurve in stock at DL, any they don’t carry Lapvantage at all.

Given the choice between instant gratification and waiting for a delivery, the answer becomes obvious.

The iCurve is, in a word, brilliant. It’s beautiful, it’s minimalist, it has a slippery base (so I can swivel it and the PowerBook at will), and comes packaged with some rubber feet if you don’t like the slick base. It leaves a majority of the computer’s underside exposed for maximum airflow, it tilts the keyboard down at an inviting and easy–access angle (for those seconds between awakening and bluetooth connection… so I can enter my password quickly), and it fits my 12" perfectly (though I’m told it will accommodate 15" and 17" notebooks just as readily).

There’s just one downside… it’s still too short. Five inches too short if you want to be precise (a measurement reached through experimenting with books, boxes, and blocks), and it’s driving me mad. Of course, at 6'4", it’s quite possible that I’m just five inches too tall; not an unreasonable assumption when you’re aiming a general–purpose product at a wildly–varying market, but still… y’know… mad.

The solution is, of course, to mod my desk so that the rear is platformed by five inches. One might argue that I should’ve just platformed it by eleven inches and foregone any sparkly–looking laptop stands, but one might fail to understand me, and one might be looking for an ass–whupping. I digress. I don’t expect any manufacturers out there to actually produce an eleven–inches–high laptop stand, since such a height would be counterintuitive to 80% of the market, but a man can dream. A man can dream.