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Empty your trash

Earlier today, whilst fooling around between classes and listening to some Led Zeppelin (thanks to the nearby stranger with the 15" TiBook and iTunes sharing turned on), an alarming alert dialog popped onto my screen.

“Your startup disk is almost full. You need to make more space available on your startup disk by deleting files.”

Wondering how and why my HDD would be so full (for a laptop, 40GB is still considered a generous serve of disk space in this day and age, is it not?), I rooted around in my home folder and found nothing out of the ordinary. My Movies and Music folders combined only hit ~22GB… but then I saw it. The Trash can. The used–and–abused Trash can full of Audio–Hijack–generated AIFF files that were discarded as soon as iTunes was done converting them to MP3… the 8GB Trash can.

Remember: just because your Trash don’t smell don’t mean it don’t stink.