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Round trip

  1. Skip over Dan Benjamin’s “Interference” when it pops up in your newsreader on the 23rd; you’ve never had any AirPort trouble, and aren’t even sure what software version it is that you’re running. Besides, these software update problems only happen to other people.
  2. Wait three to four days for the word association between “airport update” and “trouble” to dissipate.
  3. Run Software Update.
  4. Note the appearance of AirPort and Bluetooth updates and install them.
  5. Note that nothing particularly noteworthy occurs.
  6. Next morning, note that signal strength is actually sitting on zero bars when you’re in the kitchen or at the dinner table, as opposed to the usual two bars.
  7. When you get to UWA, note incredible difficulty at getting online with the University Wi–Fi.
  8. Remember skipping over something about that AirPort update a few days ago.
  9. Pop open NetNewsWire and search for “airport”
  10. Scowl at NNW’s search function —lacking live searching and lacking a ‘Next’ button— for returning only the first result it finds… not what you were looking for.
  11. Search for “airport software 3.4” instead.
  12. Bingo.
  13. Realize that since you’re at Uni (and can’t get a connection right now) you can’t visit HiveLogic to read Dan’s article… and the excerpt isn’t particularly helpful.
  14. Go home.
  15. Read Dan’s piece, and the two linked pieces, at home on your own Wi–Fi; which still works despite the weak signal.
  16. Roll your AirPort software back to 3.31 with the help of the aforementioned article(s).
  17. Scowl at Apple for whatever “improvements” were made during this update.
  18. Get back to work.
  19. Run Software Update.
  20. Note the appearance of AirPort Software 3.4.1 …a quietly revised update that, since installed, has caused none of the same problems as 3.4.
  21. Consider the fact that you should’ve checked for updates before the rollback rigmarole.
  22. Scowl at self.