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Things that are annoying me right now

  1. Scoring two seasons’ worth of Scrubs just a few weeks before exams. I can’t help but watch them all before I do anything else… which means I can’t study… which means I need to watch them all soon before I really need to start studying.
  2. Typing in low light conditions on a laptop when you keep hitting the wrong key over and over and over again like a moron. Unless Apple bumps up the cool factor on the next generation of 12" Powerbooks, I’m gonna have to upgrade to at least a 15" to get some backlightin’ love. Y’know… when I upgrade. Which could be years… or months… or whatever.
  3. 1024×768. Yeah, it was great in 1997; but nowadays it really isn’t. To be perfectly honest, it’s tough to complain about this kind of thing when I’m stoked at how wicked–small my laptop is… and screen resolutions are obviously tied to screen size. But sometimes I miss having space to arrange my windows. Another reason to be looking to the 15" department for my next laptasm.
  4. The word laptasm.
  5. If you hadn’t noticed the quiet around here lately, it’s because my little theory about consumption and production on the web is completely true… only the rule isn’t limited to the web. It would probably better be stated “Your media output is inversely proportional to your media input”, where “you” are a writer, or a director, or a coder, or something. The rule applies to people who produce nothing, too. Peachy.
  6. Lately when I flip open my laptop’s lid, the login screen seems to be taking a really long time to pop up. Staring at a locked, black screen with a pinwheel cursor gets boring after the first two seconds.
  7. It took two days and many more emails to get my useless, two–bit travel agent to tell me the name of my hotel in Thailand; since his initial response of “the Chaweng Beach Resort Hotel” doesn’t actually exist. There are some eleventy–seven–thousand hotels on Chaweng Beach with the words “Chaweng Beach” in them, and none of them are called “the Chaweng Beach Resort Hotel”. It turns out that his use of the word “hotel” was completely redundant (pick up a thesaurus some time), and I’m actually staying at the Chaweng Beach Resort. Good to see he earns his money.
  8. My credit card. See previous point.
  9. The fact that the words “buy some batteries!” never pop into my head when I’m anywhere batteries could be bought. Using a corded mouse bites.
  10. The fact that these new–fangled laptops’ USB ports are on the left; something I’d call a blunder given how short the standard–issue Apple Pro Mouse’ cord is, and that most people use their mouse on the right… even left–handers like myself. See previous point.
  11. The word revolution
  12. Che Guevara’s pouty little face on the chests and banners of whiny activists on every university campus I’ve ever set foot on.
  13. Maintaining an Amazon wishlist where all the DVDs are marked “Don’t buy this for me” because of the region codes that make it difficult and annoying to live in a region without its own Amazon warehouse.

If you hadn’t gathered from point 7, I’m going to Koh Samui in about five weeks with Scotty… which, aside from the travel–agent–related fun, is something that couldn’t fall on the above list if it tried. Between the sun, the sand, the snorkeling, the massages, and the full moon party, it looks to be a great holiday. I just have to get through a mountain of assignments and exams, first.

Which, come to think of it, really should be on the list.