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Back in session

If you hadn’t already noticed by the incredible quiet around here these last few weeks, UWA is back for more — semester two: electric boogaloo. This time ‘round I have the pleasure of studying Java Programming 124, Software Engineering 104, Linguistics 102, and Philosophy 125 (the Ethics and Religion options… Descartes can go fuck himself). It wouldn’t be so bad if Software Engineering didn’t expect that you’d already studied Java, but these things were sent to test us, and test us they will.

How exactly we’re expected to code at 10 in the AM I have no idea, but since that’s precisely what we’re doing on Wednesdays and Fridays my body clock is taking another one for the team… shuffling back another half a day to accommodate this ridiculous “get up before noon” schedule of theirs. Between uni, work, and the few other projects I have up my sleeve I’m pretty much swamped… which would be nice if I weren’t on a pretty tight caffeine ration.

Chloe has taken a proverbial beating (or “literal scratching” as I like to think of it) at the hands of my Java lecture notes already; the staples in which being so huge and misshapen that they have drilled little holes into her delicate (!) case. This is the first sign of disfigurement she’s suffered since our union and she suddenly don’t look so pretty no more… I’m considering changing her name to “Clawy” or somesuch. That is, after all, what I did with my girlfriend after that open–heart surgery of hers; which is why I like to call her Fionaaargh.

And finally, as if I could forget, I’ve had to shirk my responsibility to show Joe a good time in the gay capital of the southern hemisphere and forfeit my trip to Sydney for WE04. I will instead be traveling around the globe come December, with a short stopover in a town near you, so you’ll need to start work on your placards and tiny Australian flags now.