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The daily grind

For those laptop–inclined Perthites amongst you who aren’t working or dining in Freo with enough regularity to enjoy the free wi–fi on the Cappuccino Strip, I must bring a few things to your immediate attention:

  1. Free Wi–Fi
  2. Perth CBD
  3. Good coffee
  4. Good food
  5. Free Wi–Fi

The connection is courtesy of grind, a café downstairs in from the Carillion Arcade; right underneath the Hay Street Mall in the Trinity Arcade. Putting aside the fact that the proprietor is a good friend of mine from high school and it’s in my interest to keep him in business (he gave me a big bag of croissants for my birthday); I must encourage you to go grab a coffee, pop open your PowerBook, and get with the free Wi–fi–ing. The decor is sweet, and aside from all the business–guys I saw in there this morning I’m told that a Norwegian girl with an iBook and an iSight was videoconferencing in there with her Mother some time last week. And you know what they say about Norwegian girls: they know a good café when they see one.


Despite my very best googling I couldn’t come up with a link for grind, nor did I pay particular attention when I was in the café as to whether they had a URL plastered over a wall of some kind… but somehow Sarah came up with the goods.

As a note to all y’all Perth Wi–Fi lovers and to Googlebot, here’s grind espresso bar’s web site (and a revised address above).