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Nites of the Round Table

Regarding last night: all said and done, awesome. I personally doubted the crowd’s perseverance as we entered our fourth hour of talks, so I trimmed the fat a little on my nerdy API/Beyond the Browser software speech and managed to have us out of the building before security dragged us away. And considering people were arriving as early as 6 PM, that’s a helluva long time to be in and around a lecture theatre with blogging the only topic of conversation.

The venue, which Bret, Rich, and I had checked out earlier that day, was top–notch. Great AV gear that worked without a hiccup, excellent acoustics, and a great crowd. Later, during the snack stop at Oriel, Anthony expressed regrets at some of his half–time sushi antics when he found out there were PhDs in the crowd. Feh. In my experience, PhD == nerd, so you’re fairly safe waving your low–carbon–steel Hanso Sword around the place offering the ladies “an extra large slice of tuna”.

Robert’s presentation blew me away, and if I be permitted to invoke one of the few vocabulary infixes the English language has to offer: fan–fucking–tastic. As soon as the podcast goes up I’ll be linking it, and I would hope he plans to follow Richard’s lead and post his notes to his blog.

Dave and Tama have writeups and photos, and to answer Tama’s question: yes, the comparison between myself and Xander has been made before… though almost exclusively by Buffy fans. Any Michelle Trachtenburg lookalikes in the market for a sugar daddy are encouraged to apply.