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Beer, wine, spirits

The booze situation thus far has been pretty interesting. I mentioned in San Francisco that we’d bought a block of Miller damnably cheap at Safeway and that we’d enjoyed Budweiser at the Red Rock in West Hollywood for US$2 per pint, while noting in Seattle that we’d drunk ourselves stupid on “Nasty Ice” for a little under 60¢ per can(!). The consensus had been that despite the annoying reality that “if you look younger than 25, expect to be asked for ID” that drinking in North America was going to be a joy.

Then we came to Canada.

As far as I can tell, Canada’s position on alcohol is remarkably similar to Australia’s, except worse: hit ‘em hard, hit ‘em low, pocket the taxes. At least back in Oz we keep the hits above the belt. A block of Molson’s Canadian, a local brew, is CA$58 for fuck’s sake. Even the swill is expensive.

Thankfully I’m not restricted to beer. While most spirits in this country suffer the same ridiculous tax rates as the beers, Canadian Club manages to remain reasonably priced, making CA$30 for a 1140mL bottle a bloody bargain. With the better part of a bottle under Titty and my respective belts before hitting Vancouver’s clubs, we ended up spending more on cover charges than on drinks. Throw a random girl buying people shots for no discernible reason into the mix —something I’m very happy I managed to walk in on— and you have a recipe for a pretty decent night.