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Photon, PhotoToTypePad, and Daikini Software

Being a globe–trotting, train–hopping, busy busy beaver for the last few months means I haven’t exactly been the most productive of bloggers, so I’m yet to update you on the latest happenings at Daikini: we’ve gone crazy, crazy, crazy… like a carpet warehouse or something. To put it simply, things we used to charge money for are now things that we don’t charge money for; PhotoToTypePad and Photon are 100% free.

Yup, free. And while I doubt any of you are planning to look a gift horse in the mouth, I figure our motives might require a little illumination.

A few years back, before Daikini was founded, Jonathan and his wife had a bouncing baby girl. This in itself is nothing unusual —people have kids all the time— and like any good father he wanted to spend as much time with his new daughter as humanly possible… so he quit his job. That was a tad unusual. Very cool, very punk rock, but not entirely sustainable, so he started writing and selling software for extra pocket money… and Daikini Software was born. Rock it forward a little while and you reach the point where I joined in and our new baby Photon was released. Since that time a helluva lot has happened in both our lives, and development on existing (and whiteboarded) apps started to slow down.

Both products continued to sell, but not so well that two developers could afford not to work day jobs, so Jon started to weigh up his options. Hey, I’m a student, I don’t have a wife or a child, and nothing is tying me down but my credit card, so my ‘options’ aren’t that big a deal. Even if Photon had flopped I’d still be happy because I’d get to use Photon… and that’s how I got to know Jon in the first place. The downside to my being a student is that most of my working week is accounted for already, so my contribution to Daikini —particularly during the project and examination rush toward the end of the year— was fast becoming, in a word, pitiful. So, late last year, Jon bit the bullet and returned to the workforce. He loves his new job and he loves the people, which has to be a step up from email and iChat correspondence with me all day, but I digress. With the lead developer now working a full time job and doing the Daddy thing, Daikini Software started looking like it might become a nonentity.

But you already know it doesn’t end like that.

After some discussion, with options ranging so far as me taking a year or more away from university to work at Daikini, we decided to take the easy way out: don’t do anything drastic. But it’s not just the easy way out, it’s also the lazy way out and, for you, the coolest way out. We’ve freewared Photon and PhotoToTypePad and updated them a tad; bringing iPhoto 5 compatibility to both, Blojsom and WordPress support for Photon (for those riding the cutting edge of WordPress 1.5 and/or Mac OS X 10.4 anticipation), and a couple of other doodads here and there. It isn’t the major 1.1 upgrade that we had planned a few months ago, but plans change. Things will continue to move forward, just at a smoother pace. Imagine we moved to Jamaica, and imagine you moved here with us… sipping white rum in your hammock while steel drums chortle melodiously in the distance. That’s what I’m doing. Enjoy the freebies.