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A cornered market

Russell Crowe, of all people, has apparently spilled the beans about the Australian iTunes Music Store’s launch scheduled for the 28th of this month. I’d be more excited, but with a price tag of $1.80 per song (roughly translating to US$1.40) it’s a little hard.

Forgive me, I’m still a little hazy on Apple’s international pricing policies… like the price of the bottom-of-the-line Mac Mini at A$799 (US$620) compared to the home-soil price of US$499. It can’t be a function of distance, since Apple’s Taiwan manufacturing plant is closer to Australia than any part of the United States, but I’m assured by the media that ‘tax issues’ are to blame.

Of course, the real news is that Australian iPod owners finally have a legal vector of music acquisition… what with CD-ripping being illegal here ’n all. I do wonder if Apple will put Crowe’s balls in a vise over his disregard for the NDA, though. I can just see the crowds of people logging on to buy his mediocre brand of crud-rock.