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I received a rather unexpected letter in the mail today… from Munich. It would appear my men and ladies down at the München Staatsanwaltschaft have really been on the case, and decided to write me with the details. In German. Here’s Google’s attempt at translating:

Preliminary investigation against Nassim Ben Othman Athimni because of theft.

Dear Mr. Clark

The preliminary investigation have I with order adjusted of 20.04.2005 in accordance with [Section] 170 exp. 2 code of criminal procedure.


Euro Youth, Senefelder road 5 was appropriate for the accused one of in Munich, the Hostel hunter, Senfelder road 3 in Munich and/or to the load, to 20.02.2005, 09.02.2005 and 26.03.2005 articles of the damaged Bick, Stuebs, Clark and Leuratti from the hotel. likewise (bezgl. the damaged Leuratti) the hotel euro Youth in the Senefelder road 5 in Munich to have stolen. The preliminary investigation was to be stopped.

The act for the disadvantage of the damaged Bick and Stuebs is not provable, since the accused one of did not genaechtigt at the act time demonstrably in the hotel and the search ran with it unsuccessfully.

Those did not do in the Hostel hunter debited to the damaged Clark is provable, since in this case evenfalls despite initial suspicion it will not prove can that the accused one of was at the act time in the questionable hotel.

Finally to act-to the disadvantage of the damaged Leuratti is not provable also despite initial suspicion, since no concrete note for it is present that the accused one of was involved in the act.


gez. Brose
Public Prosecutor

This report was provided electronically and contains therefore no signature, for which for understanding one asks.

I get the impression they spent a lot of time chasing some dude who they suspected of committing four thefts at two hotels and have nothing to show for it. They mailed a letter across oceans —in German— that I had to type into Google Translate myself, for that.