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Ask and ye shall receive

After reading my lengthy plea for more official bootlegs on the concert circuit, a kind hearted soul by the name of Benjamin (a lawyer incidentally, sneaky) was kind enough to find me a recording of the 2002 Tool show I discussed. Thank you Ben. I’m surprised anyone got a recording device into that show… as I recall we were all patted down on entry. Like criminals. I guess we are.

I figure now that I have that desire fulfilled I should change my wish to a bootleg of the A Perfect Circle show last (?) year when some crack-addled loser decided to climb amongst the rafters of the pavilion (for a better view, obviously), putting the band in a tight spot when management decided that the show should be stopped until he came down. Funnily enough, the band didn’t stop playing… though their set was reduced to just one very long song entitled ‘Get the fuck down’. The crowd learned the lyrics pretty quickly. The guy came down. Some very angry Maori security guards ruined his shit. Ah, memories.