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Gordon gone wild

(via BoingBoing) Nina Gordon’s cover of Straight Outta Compton is about as cute as I can possibly imagine an NWA song becoming, and worth your time, but more impressive is the huge selection of tracks she’s set up for download on her site.

We’re talking a lot of full-length tracks —free, legal, and up for the taking— particularly singles from her Veruca Salt days, and ninety-second samples from her latest album. The whole thing makes me want to go out and buy the album right now; artists just aren’t cool like this these days, and they need to be, else they’ll drown in a sea of disaffected malcontents they used to call fans. It’s good to see it happen, and it gives me a few tracks from American Thighs to listen to which, for some reason, I never bought. Methinks I will.