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Succeeding a long line of nomenclaturally uninspired releases —XP, ME, 98, 95, et cetera— Windows Vista is an amusing change of pace for Microsoft. It brings clarity to your world™, apparently, and is the first sign in recent memory of the company taking their product-naming seriously.

Todd has an interesting take; essentially that Microsoft are nowadays marketing Windows to be more like… well, you know what.

Microsoft has been attempting to heighten their reputation by elevating themselves and their products to a quasi-spiritual plane. Look at their recent television advertisements, where a father gushes that the whole universe is inside his PC just waiting for exploration — stars, planets, etc — and that all you have to do log on and get going. Then there are the musicians, film directors, and other creative types talking about how Windows brings their visions to life.

More touchy-feely. More in tune with your body. A realistic choice for creatives.

You’ll have to excuse the gagging.