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Have you been using SubEthaEdit on your PowerBook and, upon attempting to install the included command line utility see, stood face to face with resolute failure? Me too. I’m guessing you Googled The installation of the see command line tool failed, or something to that effect, right? Right. Probably because you saw the following dialog and wondered what, if anything, you could do about it, right? Right.

The alert message reads: “The installation of the see command line tool failed”

Don’t you just love internet search?

You’ve come to the right place. The problem (at least in my case) is caused by FileVault, and doesn’t take much to work around. The bug is on the radar, too, so don’t fret. Just pop into the terminal and perform the following:

sudo cp /Applications/ /usr/bin/
sudo cp /Applications/ /usr/share/man/man1/

(Altering the path as necessary should your copy of SubEthaEdit not actually reside in /Applications, and entering your admin password as prompted)

There. Problem solved. Now you can get back to your command line hijinx with the quality and comfort of a text editor that obeys normal Mac OS X keyboard conventions (don’t kill me, vi nerds).