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How did we not notice this? How did we not try it out until we were told? Three months. Three months it has been right under our noses in Safari 1.3 and above. And we only find out today.

It’s multiple CSS background images on the same element, and Dave Hyatt finally spilled his guts. Yes. Multiple. How long we have waited for a browser, any browser, to run that through. Positioned as you please, layered in order of their declaration, playing together in ways that make the old way look prehistoric. Wow.

Oh, the cleanliness. Oh the cries of “you’ll need to wrap a few nonsemantic spans around it” that shall ne’er be heard again. I’m already chafing at the bit to deploy, at least on personal sites, and will gladly do so the moment the Mozilla family lands this feature; Internet Explorer be damned.

Try the demo, if you dare. Then check out the source (excuse the invalidity… my goal was to write as basic an HTML file as you’re ever likely to see), and the stylesheet. Now that shit is simple.


Looks like this code landed in Konqueror too! Rad. [Screenshot]