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The gush ahead of the bottleneck

I live about three hundred meters from my local telephone exchange; a large, clunky, Telstra-branded building on the corner of Beach and Okely. This is not something I ever fully appreciated, nor saw as any particular advantage, but when ii has gone and installed new DSLAMs all around the place as part of its broadband2 strategy and I’m getting an unadulterated 12mbps line straight out of that building for a paltry fifty bucks a month, it’s hard to complain.

It’s nerd heaven. The cruel irony being that my laptop is still in the shop (the status of which has been updated), so the 12mbps intarweb connection flowing out of the 54mbps wireless router in the next room is being received by an eMac with an original Airport card. 802.11b, theoretical maximum speed: 11mbps.

“Actual line speeds depend on things like the distance and quality of your telephone line from the local exchange”. Hah.