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Ten things I learned while my laptop was in the shop

Yes, it’s back, and it only took a whole month for them to get an obsolete part back in stock! “Like for like”: it’s a sensible warranty system, that’s what. On to the list:

  1. PC133 RAM (ie- RAM that was common three years ago) is now practically twice the price of its modern equivalent. It’s still available, it’s just horrendously overpriced because it’s old. It’s a freakin’ antique. This is all just part of a larger conspiracy to keep me from upgrading my aging desktops, of course, but system cannibalism has proven just as handy as ever.
  2. Flamingos can live to be 80. Seriously.
  3. I need to keep my receipts better organized. When I bought jeans earlier this year and asked the guy why mine always tear in the crotch he said it was probably because they were poorly made, or because my crotch is too big. Either way, these new jeans came with a twelve month warranty, and you can guess what has already happened… now if only I could find my receipt.
  4. When I’m using a desktop Mac with a mouse I don’t use any of the commands I would normally invoke with my right hand on a laptop: Exposé, Dashboard… uh, Eject. It completely changes the workflow. I can still hit Caps Lock by mistake, though, old lefty is keeping up his end of the bargain.
  5. USB 1.1 is sloooooow…
  6. Ruthlessness with one’s media is a trait to be cultivated. I first learned this when I bought my Shuffle —the increased chance of hearing music you hate quickly teaches you to delete that which you hate— but I need to get crazy and start applying the same behavior to my photo library.
  7. IMAP is slooooooooow…
  8. While I’m busy cultivating that aforementioned ruthlessness I should just stow any documents more than three years old in an encrypted disk image and archive them somewhere off-disk. They’re not doing me any good clogging up my Spotlight results.
  9. When service technicians have your laptop for a whole month they feel kinda guilty about stealing your baby, so they’ll do nice things like fix the little case-pucker above the latch at the front, and transfer the data from your old hard disk to the new one.
  10. It’s good to be back in the world of mobile computing.