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Itsy bitsy teeny weeny

The nano arrived today to much grinning and gaping (mine); a 4GB white model; and I’m still in awe. Seeing as my last iPod was a 1GB Shuffle, and prior to that a 20GB ‘Classic’ 3G (as Andy has taken to calling them), I hadn’t done the whole color-screen thing before; nor had I really done the whole click wheel thing; nor had I done any of the other things that have been done since last I did a done do. Moving on… The iPod nano is tiny, tiny, tiny.

Take a standard 3"×3" Post-It note and fold it in half. Now tape some coins in there to add a bit of weight to it. There. That’s basically your iPod nano. Some thoughts:

And that’s that.

Further thoughts

  • The iPod’s Notes feature is, and always has been, a completely bunk implementation. Why is there an arbitrary 4KB limit to my notes? Why do I have to enable Disk Mode to add notes when I could just as happily drag text files to the iTunes source list? Questions, questions.
  • My nano’s name is Monte; succeeding former playthings Bingo and Bailey.
  • I never used the Hold switch on my Shuffle (where by “switch” I mean “press and hold Play/Pause for three seconds”) because the time taken to switch it on and off was a complete hindrance in the “uh oh, somebody’s trying to engage me in conversation, better kill the music” situations I often found myself. Leaving it off Hold, however, meant I hit buttons by mistake pretty frequently: fumbling in my pockets, sitting down, etc. The nano’s Hold switch, although much more useful, still doesn’t see any use. Why? Because it’s up top. With the nano upside-down in my coin pocket (hey, the headphone cable has to come out somewhere, and I ain’t cutting my jeans), the switch is deep inside the pocket. Thankfully, there is very little mistaken button pressing going on, so I’m happy enough without it.
  • I have a ridiculous aversion to clutter in top-level menus; I’m currently set with Music, Photos, Extras, and Settings. Nothing more. The thought of having a scroll bar in the top menu irks me something fierce.
  • A habit I developed using mobile phones that doesn’t carry over to the iPod: pressing and holding Menu to take me to the top level menu. Doesn’t work here. Instead, I have to hit Menu once for each level I’ve drilled down through. I know it never did this, not even back in the Classic days, but it seems pretty damned sensible to me.
  • One more time: bejesus it’s small. A comfortable and secure fit in the coin pocket of my jeans.
  • Ars should’ve tested putting their nano in the back pocket of a tight pair of jeans and sitting down on a park bench, or getting into a car. Seems like the kind of scenario that will really turn up —more than dropping it from a car window at 50mph— and tests a dimension of stress they didn’t seem to touch on.
  • Autofill really shouldn’t be a feature limited to Shuffles, it should come up for any iPod whose capacity is less than your music library. I mean come on, what could make more sense than that?