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Byte Me

Some months ago a film crew joined in at the regular Perth Weblogger Meetup evening and threw questions at us for a good hour, recording our every word and tortured facial expression with smiling reassurance from Skribe and ToxicPurity that they were producing a geeky TV show by the name of Byte Me, and were shopping it around the networks.

They could’ve been lying and compiling footage of us for more nefarious purposes, of course, but this was happily not the case. After a few months of shopping and post-production, Byte Me was taken up by Aurora on Foxtel Digital and has been screening for the last month or so; with our little blogging segment hitting the air just last week. Usual disclaimers apply, but with Skribe’s permission (indeed his encouragement, since his server is feeling the strain), I’ve mirrored it here. [Warning: 30MB WMV]