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Three quickies

  1. I don’t buy copy-controlled CDs. I just don’t. The copy protection is usually too much of a pain in the ass to work around and recent security scares starring record company malware make me even more nervous, so signing a pledge to keep up the habit wasn’t exactly hard.
  2. Items 1 and 2 on Owen Linzmayer’s Ten Things I Hate About Mac OS X are probably top of my list too, even if they’re application-level problems rather than OS-level. The rest are a bit iffy, and his solutions are at times ill-conceived, but considering the average Big List Of Things I Hate About Mac OS X usually centers on how OS X isn’t enough like Linux or doesn’t act exactly like Windows, this is refreshing.
  3. Ask and ye shall receive! If future PowerBooks ship with UWB wireless, Belkin’s new wireless USB hub might be the answer to laptop owners’ prayers around the world. And by laptop owners I mean me.