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Four things you would’ve blogged over Easter if they weren’t happening too fast for you to sit down and write about

  1. The third anniversary of a friend’s death passes, unlike in previous years, without a peep. No memorial, no toast with your pals, not even a visit to the cemetery. You have a good excuse, but it doesn’t stop you from feeling lousy about it. You suppose this is what ‘moving on’ entails.
  2. The good excuse is that your grandfather has a massive coronary and is swiftly flown from Albany to Perth for whatever better medical facilities the state’s capital offers over its former whaling port. Consequently you spend a lot of time at the hospital thinking about your Poppa and not a lot of time at the cemetery thinking about your friend. Every Clark in the southwest drives to Perth to make sure he’s OK, and he is OK, but when an 82-year-old family member’s heart decides to fuck around everyone is rightly shaken.
  3. Meanwhile your brother, out of mobile range in Karajini national park, is busy proposing to his girlfriend, who thankfully says yes.
  4. And finally, you fool your ex girlfriend into thinking that giving you a second chance would be a smart thing to do, and she does, and you’re happy. You’re particularly happy because now you have a date for your brother’s wedding.