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All MacBooks are go

Apple’s new MacBook laptop computers are available in black, too. It would seem the more diminutive members of iBook/PowerBook line have been killed off altogether, leaving us with the MacBook family: 13" MacBooks, 15" MacBook Pros, and 17" MacBook Pros. I guess the 12" glove my brother bought me last year won’t see any action beyond my current (and beloved) 12" PowerBook G4. Ah, well.

The new beasts seem to feature all the trimmings of their Pro siblings bar the ExpressCard expansion slot, dedicated graphics, and FireWire 800 (only available on the 17" Pro, incidentally). They’re also touting ‘glossy’ screens (WTF?) and come in the traditional white and a shiny new black, to complement your iPod.

Looks like a decent upgrade, even if there is a $150 premium on the black one.

For the math impaired…

A $200 price difference between the black MacBook and ‘higher end’ white MacBook minus the $50 it would cost to upgrade the white model to match the black model’s 80GB hard drive equals… $150!