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The internets have gone eerily silent with the good girls and boys of San Francisco hitting the hay early; a good night’s sleep before a big day. I only have one wish for Mac OS X 10.5, and it’s the same wish I had for 10.4:


No, not the language —it already has that— but the quality of refinement that certain parts of OS X have begun to lack in recent years. Apple’s mad dash forward to newer, bigger, and better features has caused great hunks of the OS to fall behind. In a nutshell: to rot.

I’ve said the same of iLife, but I’ll say it on the record for Mac OS X: what they need is a ‘maintenance’ release, a major revision showing some restraint in the NEW! WOW! department that puts a lot of effort into the it’s high time we fixed this hack/bug/inconsistency and made our mamas proud that we did the very best we could do department.

I know, I know, everybody at Apple is already doing the very best they can do in the time available to them. I’m just saying, on a gigantic project with a regular release cycle (this is particularly pertinent to iLife with its strictly annual cycle, but applies to OS X too) “the time available to them” sometimes isn’t enough. ‘Better’ may be the enemy of ‘done’, but I think we’ve already established that they’re never really ‘done’ with the OS. So let’s make it better while we’re at it.

With the wishlist out of the way, I have only one prediction for WWDC; and it’s not even a prediction of what Steve will unveil at his keynote: the headline du jour in industry magazines and across Mac news websites will be “Apple Changes Its Spots With Leopard”.

Lousy puns. Tech journos just can’t help themselves.