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One would assume that this is a breach of NDA for somebody attending WWDC, but Techpedia has some Leopard screenshots up (via Digg).

Of note:

  1. The Help menu in iChat’s menu bar (and so, one might assume, in all apps’ menu bars) drops down to a search box not unlike Spotlight’s, colored ‘Help Button Purple’.
  2. Photo Booth would appear to be able to capture animated GIFs now.
  3. Preview’s toolbar sports the unpopular capsule buttons first introduced in Tiger Mail.
  4. Spaces isn’t limited to four virtual desktops… it’s fully customizable.
  5. An administrator may define a group of users in the System Preferences’ Accounts pane for broad-brush account management.
  6. Admins can enable a guest account that requires no authentication to log in, whose profile and home directory are destroyed on logout.
  7. Dock folders are finally spring-loaded.
  8. Finder contextual menus now feature the Clean Up and Arrange items formerly found only in the View menu, as well as the ability to create a disk image from any directory and burn it.
  9. Finder grid spacing is now user-definable in the View Options palette.