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DRM-free, hardly a file sharer’s paradise

It occurred to me today, recalling the Hymn project and its position as the “anti-DRM but not pro-piracy” FairPlay remover, that even though the iTunes store will soon dispense music sans DRM protection there’ll still be one anti-sharing measure built in. Your Apple ID.

There hasn’t been any official word from Apple that this is the case, far as I know, but my speculation hat says Duh! Why wouldn’t they keep embedding your credentials into every purchase? Nobody said ‘unprotected’ meant ‘anonymous,’ and it’s a pretty clever way of keeping people honest, but my concern is that people won’t be told up front or it’ll be buried in pages and pages of unread legalese.

If your Aunt Ethel downloads a song and sends it to her friend Mildred thinking there’s no harm done (it’s like loaning her a book, right?). What happens the next day, when Mildred’s son Howard is sharing it with the whole world on LimeWire and the RIAA’s death squad arrives on Ethel’s doorstep?

A passive protection scheme means infringers be found and punished later, not sooner (if at all), and anybody who’s ever trained a puppy will tell you that don’t work.