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After a week or so of tinkering here and there, I’ve finally finished stage one of the front page. Though I installed MT and began blogging over a week ago everything has been noticeably blank, so today I finished tweaking the design and the back end, and present it here your pleasure.

The girl (ie: Fiona) spent several hours last night demanding a guest spot on decaffeinated... at first I told her to get screwed and go to livejournal or diaryland, but in the end I caved. Damn women.

Fiona: i have a feeling that tomorrow won't be all that great
Fiona: but i still think it will be worth writing about.
Clarko: well, you can complain at length in your weblog
Fiona: so i won't have to complain to you!
Fiona: you'll get happy girlfriend ALL the time
Clarko: excellent
Fiona: cranky girlfriend can reside online.
Fiona: you have unleashed a particularly unpredictable monster.
Fiona: this is going to be great.
Fiona: if only this ovary would shut up.

Fiona's all new weblog is available here.